Get Conflict Under Control

Did you miss the High-Heeled Success® workshop, “Kick Conflict to the Curb” on November 1, 2014?  It was a power—packed, career-changing day for all the participants.

Here are just a few of the useful strategies you missed on coping with criticism:

  1. Weigh It!  How you respond should be based on the critic’s motivation.  Was the intent to assist your growth, or was the critic “out to get you,” or worse yet boost their own lagging ego?
  2. Delve Into It!  If they really had your best interest at heart, look for the kernel of truth and internalize it/act on it.
  3. Ditch It!  If you determine the intent was malicious, or just to boost the critic’s ego, ignore it and refuse to let it into your psyche.

Putting these three tips to use requires the discipline skills of listening objectively, being open to growth, and focusing on the positive or what’s important.

The ability to openly receive feedback begins with being a good listener.  Do you truly listen to advice, opinions and guidance from a co-worker/manager?  Spend some time really thing about that.  As the famed author Steven Covey once said, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”  Could this be you?  If so, remind yourself during a potential conflict to stop and truly listen.  Listening is a challenge for many people in our age of lightning fast news and social media.

Finally, look for that silver lining in any interaction.  Whether the words you receive from a co-worker are true feedback or criticism, they must be processed with a filter.  If after hearing someone’s input, you determine it to be useful feedback, look at is as an opportunity to refine your actions or work process.  If the intent was malicious, know that there are powerful prevention and coping skills to cope with saboteurs (some of my future events will reveal them.)

Actionable tips and techniques like the one’s I’ve shared here are takeaways from all my events.  If you didn’t make Kick Conflict to the Curb on November 1st, don’t miss out again!

The next High-Heeled Success® public workshop is on January 24, 2015.  Join us for “A Woman’s Guide to Powerful Presentations.”  One of the fastest career advancement catalysts is the ability to be a powerful presenter, and to have the ability to talk so people will listen, and more importantly:  powerful presenting is an essential skill for women in corporate America, female entrepreneurs and women in the non-profit arena.  Everyone can benefit from this exciting workshop.  Here is one short testimonial from a woman who previously attended my event in June this year:

“The program was very informative, fun and useful.  I came away with a great outline for an effective presentation for my direct sales business,” Amy Elberfeld.

If the thought of speaking in front of a group makes you weak in the knees, look beyond the event and concentrate on the positive outcomes of a powerful presentation instead.  Being a powerful presenter, will enhance your visibility with key individuals.  In some cases this could impact the course of your career by becoming more memorable to those who can directly influence its direction.  Enhanced presentation skills will open doors which were previously closed, so much so, you’ll be surprised to find yourself walking through them!

It is empowering to take control of your career direction versus being driven down an uncertain course because of fear.  Take charge of your career path and register today for “A Woman’s Guide to Powerful Presentations” on January 24, 2015.  I promise that you will walk away armed with tools and the confidence you need to be a Powerful Presenter.  Here are just a couple of tips to implement now, and a taste of the good things to expect at our next event:

Open with a bang!  That means, never start another presentation with, “Good Morning!”

Close memorably!  Make your last words so potent that they ring in your listener’s ears.

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